About Us

Hands on experience in the sign, printing, silk screen, and promotional industries allow us to present common products used in the graphic industry but suitable for the Crafter. We can provide product recommendations and technical assistance on what we have found to work for us and others. So, we are seeking to provide a consistent service while bringing solutions to help our customer with ease of ordering thru the convenience of a website.

If you have a regularly used item made by a vendor of ours, but you don't see it on our website, let us know and we can put it on the shelf.

Our DISPLAY Color Intermediate Vinyls are 5 year products available in 12" and 24″ giving customers an economical solution to building graphics.

Specialty Materials manufacturers a complete line of heat transfer vinyl and accessories. This, and the other product groups are available such as craft knives, squeegees, vinyl, tape, application fluid, T-Shirts, sign blanks, etc. giving you a knowledgeable and dependable supplier for common items that are of high quality.

We are a distributor for Image 1 Impact. If there is an item you want as a Special Order, Use the Image 1 Impact Price Sheet and email us the item number, description and page number. Shipping charges apply.

Image 1 Impact Sign Shop Accessories Website

Image 1 Impact Price Sheet

Being a distributor for Specialty Materials, we can assist with pricing and get their products to you in 3-4 days if we don't have a particular item in stock.

So welcome to our website! Please contact us if there are any products you would like us to stock or if there is a way to better improve our service. info@southernvinylz.com